Here's Why Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster Doesn't Have Blue Skin In THOR: RAGNAROK

Here's Why Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster Doesn't Have Blue Skin In THOR: RAGNAROK

Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster is a pretty perfect bit of casting, but fans were disappointed when it was revealed he won't have his trademark blue skin. Director Taika Waititi offers an explanation why!

Marvel has never shied away from introducing characters with green skin, but what about those who are blue? Well, from Nebula to Frost Giants, they too have had their fair share of screentime, but Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster for some reason looks very human in Thor: Ragnarok. During a recent chat with IGN, though, director Taika Waititi finally offered an explanation as to why the change was made. 

It's a surprisingly simple one too as the filmmaker simply said it's "Because he did another movie where he was blue." If you've forgotten what that was, it's cult classic (and total flop) Earth Girls Are Easy from 1988. The sci-fi musical comedy starred Goldblum, Jim Carrer, and Damon Wayans as three aliens who came to Earth looking for female companionship and the actor was indeed painted blue.

It's easy to see why Marvel and Waititi may have wanted to avoid these comparisons and it could be that Goldblum himself didn't want to don paint associated with one of his worst roles. For what it's worth, the Thor: Ragnarok director added that he didn't want to hide the actor beneath too much makeup, so read into that as you will! What do you guys think of these comments? Let us know...

Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy.
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