RUMOR: Marvel Has Short List OF THOR: RAGNAROK Directors UPDATED

RUMOR: Marvel Has Short List OF THOR: RAGNAROK Directors UPDATED

RUMOR: Marvel Has Short List OF THOR: RAGNAROK Directors <font color="red">UPDATED</font>

A supposed intern from Marvel who was let go has taken to Reddit to list some information regarding the third Thor film, a short list of directors for the film, as well as information regarding Avengers: Infinity War. Read on for more details.

UPDATED: Reddit has since flagged the article as being a 'Fake Troll' post. That said, the reason for this is that a Personal Assistant in the film industry has since come forth to say that no assistant would be privy to the sort of information this guy or girl is posting. While it may hold some truth, for now it would seem to be another elaborate internet hoax.

Before we proceed, I have to caution that you guys take this rumor with a grain of salt as this is not coming from Marvel itself, or the trades. That said, if true, this could be a very interesting direction for the Thor franchise.

A reddit user named the_marvel_intern has taken to Reddit. In a post under the marvelstudios sub-reddit, the user posted the following:

So pour one out for me chaps, I've been laid off!

Quick backstory on me, I started off as an Intern with Marvel Studios back in Summer 2013. By end of that year I was hired on as a PA for a prolific staff member of Marvel Studios. I generally assisted with day-to-day operations on many Marvel projects. As such, I got to see a lot of stuff the fans would like to know.

However, at the beginning of this year, I was laid off. What a shame huh? Well it's Marvel's loss as I really don't give a shit about what I know, and care even less about what I was asked to keep quiet on.

The user then goes on to list some information as some that we know, taking into account that we haven't heard officially the roles that Inhumans and Captain Marvel will play in Phase III, but the user writes as if it's public knowledge:

Most of the stuff I knew is public knowledge at this point: Russos are negotiating to direct Infinity War I/II, Inhumans and Cap Marvel will act as an informal middle point. So don't think two films, think four. These films are meant to incorporate a lot of what was great about the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, but will also pull some clever twists that even the most seasoned nerds won't see coming. This won't be a straight up adaption.

The user then goes on to dive into something he says is most of interest to fans (and I'd agree) and that's that Marvel does apparently have a short list of directors for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, the user says the following:

What may be more interesting to fans is who Marvel wants to direct Thor 3, or Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel internally is treating this as if the Thor films are in critical condition. Many felt as if the first film had too much humor without striking the right balance, and that The Dark World had too many behind-the-scenes issues that in Marvels eyes, prevented it from being as big of a hit as it could be.

Marvel is looking for a director who will treat the Thor franchise with a lot of respect. Taking in the source material more, and dropping characters like Darcy who Marvel sees as being 'forcefully manufactured'.

As for who could direct Thor: Ragnarok, the front runner is currently Adam Mckay (Anchorman). Mckay who has mainly directed comedies, did a substantial re-write on Ant-Man. During this time, both Marvel and Mckay saw a lot of potential on both sides in working together. Mckay understands these characters, more so then the perception of him probably allows. Also, because he's worked with Marvel, the studio is comfortable working with him and knows the type of output he'll churn out.

Also up for consideration is Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). Who was the front-runner for some time. The main reason Marvel isn't 100% behind him is simply timing. Edwards has Star Wars and Godzilla 2, and a small window between both films where he could direct the Thor sequel. If timing was to work, both parties are interested. It's said that it was Edwards ability to balance the large scale battles of Godzilla with the brevity of the human characters that has Marvel confident he's a good fit for the job. By time I was let go of Marvel, no one knew with any certainty if he would do it or not.

The final candidate is Matt Reeves (Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) who is being considered mainly due to his success in taking over the Apes franchise from Rupert Wyatt where he dug in his heels and really created a better film. Marvel is essentially hoping someone can do the same with Thor, and thinks that he has a good vision for the third Thor film.


The user concludes the post by stating that he does have more, but that he'll take time to transcribe his notes onto reddit. So something tells me, if he is authentic and actually a disgruntled intern from Marvel, that we could be hearing more from him hopefully in the future!

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