THOR: RAGNAROK Soundtrack Was Heavily Influenced By A Video Essay About Marvel Scores

THOR: RAGNAROK Soundtrack Was Heavily Influenced By A Video Essay About Marvel Scores

THOR: RAGNAROK Soundtrack Was Heavily Influenced By A Video Essay About Marvel Scores

The common complaint about Marvel Studios’ movies is that their soundtracks are not memorable, but Thor: Ragnarok slightly changed the old status quo by taking notes from a very popular video essay...

There’s a chance that you have seen the video essay elaborating on Marvel Studios’ movies music choices, since it was vastly popular and quite controversial. In an interesting turn of events Mark Mothersbaugh, the composer of Thor: Ragnarok’s score, also counts as the video’s viewer.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the composer known for his work on The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street explained how his job changed (for worse): “The composer has been getting squeezed over the last few decades. I guess sometimes maybe it works”. Mothersbaugh also agrees with many points from "The Marvel Symphonic Universe" video essay: “A lot of times, and especially in the cases of the films they were pointing to in this YouTube thing, it started sounding like musical wallpaper. I think that's what people were reacting to. It didn't sound like the music was written for that scene in particular. It sounded like somebody was just spraying the wall with some color. It was the right color for a specific moment but had no nuances to it."

The composer was shocked that the Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi and the Marvel Studios producers were so invested in the process of making the movie: “You don't always see that. A lot of the executives, their big concerns are marketing, and investments, they don't have time — music is way down at the bottom of the list. Even the directors, sometimes, you are working with them and they are like, 'Cobbler, cobble me some music.' And you are kind of treated like that” – that approach clearly paid off, as his Rangarok score is one of the best parts of the critically acclaimed movie.

Mothersbaugh also shared kind words about Kevin Feige, the president and one of the masterminds behind Marvel Studios: "I'm sitting there with their in-house music editor and playing music for him and Taika. This guy walks in and it's Kevin and he sits down with me, he's just listening in. He's checking it out to see what we're doing" – the composer concluded.

You can check out the video essay and don’t forget to comment down below!

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