THOR: RAGNAROK Unfolds In A Rather Surprising Order As Thor's Been MIA For Two Years

THOR: RAGNAROK Unfolds In A Rather Surprising Order As Thor's Been MIA For Two Years

If you assumed Thor: Ragnaork would pick up immediately from where the God of Thunder left to find answers from his vision quest at the conclusion of Avengers: Age of Ultron, guess again...

Fandango's set coverage of Thor: Ragnarok continues some rather interesting details and revelations coming to light this week.  While keeping spoilers light and details on what's actually occurring between the film's characters to a minimum, the movie site gives a chronological rundown of the order of realms/planets that Thor visits.

Just as in the real world, two years will have passed between the Odinson's last appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron and his latest adventure in the 
Taika Waititi-directed pic.  However, the film doesn't cover what Thor's been up to in the last two years...he's simply been trapped in Muspelheim.  That's right, the film doesn't end with Thor taking on fire giants, it starts there!  Furthermore, Fandango reports that Thor has to fight Surtur in order to escape.

After making his way out of Musepelheim, Thor's next stop is Asgard, where he confronts the Odin-masquerading Loki.  From there, the next destination is Midgard, where the two will encounter the Sorcer Supreme, Doctor Strange.  After finding whatever answers (or person) they're searching for on Earth, it's on Thor's return trip to Asgard where an accident in the Bifrost leaves him stranded on Sakaar and an unwilling gladiator participant in The Grandmaster's arena.  

Fandango obviously didn't go into detail on what occurs at every pit stop on Thor's awesome journey and so we're left with a ton of questions.  If it wasn't Hela who imprisoned Thor in Musepelheim, how did he end up there?  Additionally, previous TV Spots for the film revealed that Hulk will also be fighting Surtur at some point in the movie (see image below) so it seems Thor doesn't finish off the fiery demon lord in their initial bout and he either returns to Muspelheim at some point after leaving Sakaar (with the Jade Giant in tow) or Surtur comes looking for Thor only to run afoul of the Hulk.

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