Thor 2, deserve all the hate or popular to hate on?

Thor 2, deserve all the hate or popular to hate on?

Thor 2, deserve all the hate or popular to hate on?

Does Thor 2 deserve all the hate heaped upon it on CBM? Is it really as bad as everybody says? HIt the jump to find out why the 'Finnisher thinks that you should give Thor 2 another chance.

What is with all the hate for Thor 2?


Most of the complaints I hear is that the movie is too humorous. To which I ask, it was so humorous you couldn't enjoy the film? A joke in a movie makes you that mad? Filmmakers use comedic relief to ease tension of serious scenes, but instead of accepting this for the reason for humor in Thor 2, the majority of CBM acts like there shouldn't have been a single joke in the entire film. Iron Man is most commonly referenced as being the best Marvel movie, and that movie is seriously RDJ one liner after one liner. So if the same people who enjoyed Iron Man are dogging Thor 2 they are just idiotic hypocrite's. The humor in Thor 2 was fine, not overdone, every instance of comedic relief is perfectly timed to relieve the tension of a scene beforehand, not just placed at random. If you watch the movie you can see that the moments of greatest tension are broken up by the comedy, unlike Iron Man which was almost a comedic monologue with oddly placed jokes, as most were just there for a laugh and not to ease tension. I personally loved Iron Man for it's humor. It makes the story more relatable if you can play it as a ridiculous situation (as all cbms are) instead of being ridiculously serious all the time like in Man of Steel.


Another complaint I hear is the amount of time spent on Earth and this is just stupid to me. Read the comics guys Thor was on Earth for years in Donald Blake's body, only returning to Asgard periodically to assist or ask for assistance. It would make absolutely no sense for this early in Thor's story for him to reside just on Asgard. It doesn't fit with the comics and it wouldn't make sense for an Avengers sequel. How could Thor even know of the trouble on Earth if he just stays in Asgard all the time, and why would he even care whats happening on Earth?

On to supporting cast, Natalie Portman, some manage to find a reason to complain about her despite the fact that the girl looks like her bowel movements would smell like cotton candy is integral to what we want Thor to be. People are so ignorant, Donald Blake does not exist in this story so Thor has to have a tie to Earth in the beginning or else its him risking his life for Earth just because he likes it. This makes no sense, sure he learned a sense of honor here but that wouldn't have happened had he not had the connection to the human race, in the comics it was Donald Blake, in the movies its Natalie Portman. Now you may have preferred a Donald Blake set up (although I think that would have been awful) but that ruins the movie for you? The fact that Thor has a girl on Earth which he does in the comics as well ruins the movie for you?

Darcy and the rest, this is where I tend to agree with most haters. Darcy is hot but she is not integral as we already have Natalie Portman connecting Thor to Earth. I can't justify their inclusion but I will say that if their presence in less than thirty minutes of the two hour long movie ruins the movie for you then you're just nitpicking. They show up and make a quick joke and leave, every movie has these characters, Happy in Iron Man etc. but nobody complains about Jon Favreua ruining Iron Man. There is so much badassery happening in the movie, and people will find the characters with the least screen time and say the movie sucks because of them, despite the best chemistry of any Marvel movie existing between Thor and Loki.


Loki, he is the best villain in Marvel by mosts own admission, yet again there is hate. People complain about the over use of Loki, these people are soft in the head. Tom Hiddleston is an amazing actor and the “best” Marvel villain and you simultaneously praise and admonish his inclusion. Thor the character hinges on his Asgardian family and including Loki in the Thor movies as well as Natalie Portman is a great way to play up the duality of Thor's life, but people just hiss and throw feces at Marvel for overusing Loki.

Anthony Hopkins, guy is amazing. Best actor in any Marvel movie hands down. Nobody complains about his part in Thor 2, but nobody ever mentions it either. Sure it was a small role but it was played beautifully and soulfully, the Odin we deserve in the MCU but nobody mentions how awesome he is. If you have half a brain in your head, having Anthony Hopkins as our MCU Odin far overshadows the fact that Darcy has a couple of jokes in the movie, but no, nothing is enough for you morphodites you just want to be part of the cool crowd and find something to complain about.

Malekith, awful character development, if more people said this was the reason Thor 2 sucked I would not feel like the general populace are mindless trend following sheep, hating on a good movie because its popular to do. Obviously there should have been more development here but with so much already happening in the movie how could one possibly do this without increased running time (which Alan Taylor wanted but Marvel wouldn't give him)?


Which leads us to the plot, which is at least as good if not much better than any of the Iron Man films. In the Iron Man films, Tony fights one genius after another most suffering from the same lack of development as Malekith, but Thor 2 completely switched from Thor and told a completely different kind of story. Thor was about learning humility, Thor 2 is about responsibility, as in what is Thor's responsibility to Asgard and Midgard, as well as to his brother and his family. These themes are much more developed and adult than Iron Man movie themes but nobody ever acknowledges the nearly Shakespearean feel of the stories. Many praise Cap 2 for its tone and spy movie feel and justifiably so, then the same people brainlessly spout Thor 2 is crap with little to no reasoning or acknowledgment that the movie strives to have a different tone than any other Marvel CBM, nobody gives it credit for that. It may be that people just favor the tone of other Marvel movies but that doesn't mean Thor 2 was bad.


Chris Hemsworth plays an amazing Thor, but I believe the character himself is to be blamed for the hate. I don't think most know enough about Thor and they look at the movie and think “why isn't Thor in space shooting lightning at celestials,” or some crap and they don't realize that that Thor comes later. We have Thor just becoming the hero he was meant to be, he will get to the point you guys want him to be, but he needs time to develop first. If you like TV shows you know that any show has growing pains, shows like Its always Sunny, and Buffy feel different in the first seasons, then the show gets better and better, but only if given time to grow. Thor needs time to become the character he is now in the comics.


With great special effects, sweeping visuals, a strong plot ending with a magnificent twist of Loki taking over Asgard, this movie does not deserve half of the hate it gets and certainly does not deserve to be included on any worst CBM of all time list. It may not be your favorite but come on, anywhere near as bad as that Halle Berry Catwoman abortion? Get over it, actually think for once, instead of repeating others. 

I personally can't wait for Ragnarock, bring on more Thor!

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