Tom Hiddleston On The Villainy Of Loki And His Training For THOR!

Tom Hiddleston On The Villainy Of Loki And His Training For THOR!

Tom Hiddleston On The Villainy Of Loki And His Training For THOR!

English actor Tom Hiddleston talks about his preparation for a role in Kenneth Branagh's THOR, plus how did he made this character sympathetic to the audience and more!

Tom Hiddleston is playing Loki in the highly anticipating comic book adaptation THOR directed by Kenneth Branagh. Speaking to SFX Magazine he answered some questions about his role.

A big thanks to my buddy RealIrOnMaN from SpiderMedia for providing this exclusive transcript of the Q&A interview!

"Oh, Brother! A newcomer dons the villainous mantle of Loki, Thor's brother..."

- How do you make a character like this sympathetic to the audience?

"Ken encouraged me to show his vulnerability; that he's actually Thor's younger brother, and he wants his father's love just as much as the next man. Thor seems to get it without question. And Loki is out in the cold on his own. I hope that's something that people can understand."

- Does he love his brother Thor? Or is he just pretending for Odin's sake?

"I like to think that Loki's such a good liar that you can't tell. I didn't want to do any moustache-twiddling or winking at the audience to say, 'This is when I'm lying.' In the film you find out that Loki has been responsible for a hell of a lot more than you first might have imagined."

- Chris (Hemsworth) bulked up for the role. Did you?
"I did a lot of training, actually, which is less visible than it is in the size of his arms[laughs]. Ken asked for me to be very lean and very strong at the same time, and he wanted me to develop a fighting style. I don't know if you know the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, but it was something like that. I felt like if Thor was a big rock, Loki was like the wind, and he would dance around this sturdy block of granite. So I developed a kind of fighting style that was much more balletic, a kind of lethal dance."

THOR is set to hit theatres on May 6!

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