Tom Hiddleston Talks About The Thor Finale: There Will Be Blood!

Tom Hiddleston Talks About The Thor Finale: There Will Be Blood!

Tom Hiddleston Talks About The <em>Thor</em> Finale: There Will Be Blood!

Tom Hiddleston speaks to MTV about playing Loki, the "balletic" fighting style and the final fight at the end of the movie!..

In this interview segment from MTV, Tom Hiddelston describes his take on how Loki and Thor would react in a scrap, as well as revealing a little about the end of the film..

"I tried to find a physicality for Loki that was very different from Chris as Thor, He's such a big guy and he does so much work on his body, and it was brute strength and a really raw masculinity that would wield this hammer with an enormous power."

"If he was the rock, I wanted to be like the wind, dancing around and you could never pin me down, I worked with the stunt guys on this almost balletic fighting style. You'd throw a punch at Loki but he's ten steps ahead of you and he wouldn't be there."

Hiddleston goes on to describe the final brawl between the two at the climax of the film. Keep in mind that Chris Hemsworth(Thor) has already likened his maneuvers with the hammer to Mike Tyson's boxing style! What on earth are we in for..

"There's a huge fight at the end — that's not giving too much away to say that it comes to a head. We rehearsed it a lot [and] Ken [Branagh] was really happy. After that day of shooting, he said we definitely have the 'Bourne Ultimatum' version of the two boys from Asgard."

Well, its not too much of a stretch to assume that most of us knew it would come down to a face off between these two. But apparently it gets a bit more violent than we may have expected..

"There was this move where I had to spear [Hemsworth] and he'd catch the spear . . . and then just pop the elbow up into my face, I'd been doing this quite nifty reaction — like great boxing closeups where you see someone get punched in the nose. On the fourth take, we got a little close, and in that split second, I thought, 'I've got too close. I'm going to get nailed. [Hemsworth] just cracked me in the nose, and I was so stilled by the force of this thing, Chris had huge arms at this point. His arms were the size of my head. He had to throw me across the room, and you can hear him going, 'Sorry, dude,' and then slinging me across the room. Rivers of blood were coming out of my nose."

Well, I'm liking the Bourne reference. That sounds pretty damn awesome. Lets hope that scene makes it into the final cut! Whats the rules on a bloody nose in a PG13 movie these days?

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