UPDATE: Marvel's Thor to Begin Filming in New Mexico Monday?

UPDATE: Marvel's Thor to Begin Filming in New Mexico Monday?

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Marvel's <i>Thor</i> to Begin Filming in New Mexico Monday?

From the Twitter account of Filming IN New Mexico News, Thor & the production crew will finally be moving to New Mexico.

UPDATE: In an article dated February 26, 2010, OnLocationVacations (which charts confirmed filming locations throughout the US) posted the following information -

"We’ve been able to confirm that [Thor] will wrap up filming at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio March 8 and will then move the shoot to New Mexico."

Also concurring this information are several people who had auditioned as extras for the film, with the Santa Fe start date being March 9th, 2010.

Both OnLocationVacation and Filming in New Mexico are privately operated websites with no association to the New Mexico Film Commission.

- MPP 3/11/2010 3:41 PM

According to Filming In New Mexico News Thor's cast & crew will finally be moving to New Mexico this Monday, to continue filming. That have yet to post an article, but from the site's official Twitter account, they posted the following

"THORMANHATTAN starts filming in rural Galisteo, NM on Monday. They built a new town, a friend got called for extra work. I'll ck it out.
43 minutes ago

If the are building a town, then the security must be tight. And that means we may not get to see a Thor set pic, like we all thought, when they would move to Mexico. I sure hope I'm wrong.

If the town in Marvel's Thor will indeed be in Galisteo, of New Mexico, then here is what the actual town looks like. I think this is the perfect setting for Thor on earth. To me it has that old feeling with the buildings there, and with the vehicles there, it mixes it with the new era, which seems to be the direction they're going for.

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