What is Kat Dennings Real Role in Marvel's THOR?

What is Kat Dennings Real Role in Marvel's THOR?

Do actresses Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings put to rest rumors about the quizzical role Dennings has in the THOR movie? Follow the jump to find out...

When Kat Dennings' name was added to the THOR cast roster as the character "Darcy" many fans believed it to be a cover for a secretive role. The most common assumption to date being Hela, daughter of Loki and Goddess of Asgardian dead. According to the filmmakers, the character Darcy was created specifically for the film and is not related to a Marvel comics character at all. MTV News caught up with THOR actresses Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings at Comic Con, and they had this to say about Dennings' role:

"Darcy is kind of Jane Foster's gnome helper," laughed Dennings.

"Except in the form of a beautiful woman," Portman added. "If a gnome was a beautiful woman."

"She kind of evolved into Jane's little sister-y partner in crime who doesn't know anything about anything," Dennings continued.

"I think it might be what Jane was like before she found her path, and she has a great future ahead of her as a big scientist," said Portman.

What do you think, Marvel movie fans? Is this the extent of Darcy's role in the film, or is everyone involved staying tight-lipped about the true depth of the character?

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