When We May Get Thor pics & ET Host Tweets From the Set.

When We May Get Thor pics & ET Host Tweets From the Set.

When We May Get <i>Thor</i> pics & ET Host Tweets From the Set.

Check out these Thor related tweets from Entertainment Tonight host, Kevin Frazier and tweets that may give a date for when to expect pics from the film

Thor is close to wrapping up production, to go into Post, and we still have yet to get a pic from the film. Now, from a source that some may doubt, media guy, Gregory Littley, has posted a tweet. The tweet in particular answers a question everyone's been wondering. When to expect a pic.

"#Thor press shots to be released May 5th. the next few weeks will see the release of intense concept art."

No matter what you believe, I was told by someone else that we would get something today, but??? we'll know for sure soon.

Entertainment Tonight's(ET) host, Kevin Frazier, tweets about being on the set. You may remember ET's previous set visit to Marvel's Iron Man 2(Which new material will air tonight). Well it seems they are back to Marvel for Thor. He tweets:

"Just landed on the secret set of Thor, and when I say we are in the middle of nowhere, I mean nowhere!!!"

"Can you say dust, bad scene for my electronics and my white Sneaks, but Chris Hemsworth is great! Just sat down"

"Wish I could show you a pick of Chris Hemsworth as Thor cause he looks like he could start at linebacker for an NFL team right now..."

"Gawd I love big budget movie sets! Craft Services on Thor is serving Lobster and Prime Rib for lunch on location

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