Will Marvel's Thor be Released in the frequent 3-D?

Will Marvel's <i>Thor</i> be Released in the frequent 3-D?

According to the very first set pic, and the keen eye of a Forums user, Marvel may have been shooting Thor in the now common, 3-D

As mentioned before, LA Times has unveiled the very first set shot, for Marvel Studio's next film, Thor. The image is a shot of director, Kenneth Branagh cheesing away at whatever the camera behind him, is facing. But my attention is to the camera.

Looking at this, SHH Forums user, "SpiderByte", seemed to recognize the first camera, and says that it's used for 3-d filming. "SpiderByte used a pic of a 3-D camera to backup his claim, and it strangely resembles the one in the set pic. I did a little more research, and found a detailed description of the exact 3-D camera.

The description read:
"Up until now, there’s only a few high-end facilities offering 3D rigs for Red One cameras and they’re very expensive. So we set out to create a quality 3D Red system most filmmakers could afford. We’re interested in proliferating 3D production by making it accessible. The result was the 3D-BS Pro Rig, a great 3D rig for the Reds, that shoots incredible 3D at a fraction of the cost,” said company president Karl Kozak.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were true, considering everything now-a-days is filmed in the gimmicky 3-D. Marvel Studios proving how smart they are with their films, hopefully this technique fits with the film, and not the other way around.

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