Will the REAL Thor Show Thyself....

Will the REAL Thor Show Thyself....

Marvel has their "Thor" movie coming in May... and so does The Asylum.

If you were wondering what Richard Grieco (TV's "Booker") is up to these days, well wonder no more. It seems that The Asylum, notorious for producing titles that capitalize on productions by major studios, is releasing their own Thor movie called Almighty Thor. But the best part is that Richard Grieco will be playing Loki. (Yes, that is Loki on the right.)

From Wikipedia:

"When the demon god Loki (Richard Grieco) destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor (Cody Deal) can protect Earth from Armageddon."

For those of you hoping to see this in the theaters as well, it is a direct-to-video release only. Almighty Thor is scheduled for May 10, 2011, which is 4 days after Marvel's own Thor movie arrives in theaters here in the U.S.

Also starring are Kevin Nash (yep, the wrestler) as Odin (with both his eyes in tact), Patricia Velásquez as Járnsaxa (??), and newcomer Cody Deal as Thor. And unfortunately, it looks as if there will be no helmets in this film.

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