First Look at the Thundercats' Berbils

First Look at the <em>Thundercats'</em> Berbils

Your first look at the Ro-Bear Berbils! The memorable robotic teddy bears were featured in the original show and will be re-imagined in Cartoon Network's latest episode of ThunderCats. Hit the jump for a glimpse.

This Friday's episode of Thundercats will have a village full of robot bears that have a knack for building. But all is not well as the Berbils seek the help of the Thundercats to protect them slave traders that want to exploit their construction skills.

Fans of the original ThunderCats series will recognize the Berbils immediately. "When deciding to bring the Berbils back we agreed to not change their design or personality too much as they were some of the most memorable characters in the original ThunderCats universe," producer Ethan Spaulding tells "The appeal of the Ro-Bear Berbils is their unassuming look -- cute, furry, robotic teddy bears -- and their robotic voices. They look cute but are actually great builders and help the ThunderCats in many ways." - TV GUIDE
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