Michael Clarke Duncan Wants to Play Thundercats' Panthro & Return for Sin City 2

Michael Clarke Duncan Wants to Play Thundercats' Panthro & Return for Sin City 2

Michael Clarke Duncan Wants to Play <i>Thundercats'</i> Panthro & Return for <i>Sin City 2</i>

The actor feels like he'd be a perfect fit for the role of Panthro, and is hoping Robert Rodriguez gives him a call for Sin City 2.

Excerpt from Rotten Tomatoes Interview

Speaking of Daredevil and Sin City, I read that you were a big comic book fan growing up.
Is there a superhero you'd want to play if you had the chance?

Oh yeah. I'd want to play Panthro from ThunderCats. I like Panthro. I always have. He was cool, he did the nunchucks. I think I'd have to work on my nunchuck skills; when I was younger, I hit myself on the head with some nunchucks. But Panthro from ThunderCats. I know they're going to do a ThunderCats movie, and they're apparently working on a show right now. I think Panthro would really suit me. I think I could really embellish that role.

Do you have any idea what's going on with Sin City 2?
I haven't heard anything, but I think they finally get the funding together, and hopefully Robert Rodriguez will give me a call. Right now I am working on a contract with FOX to do 13 episodes of The Finder, which will be coming out January 5th, right after American Idol on FOX. But after that, I probably will, unless they order another nine episodes - you know, 22, fingers crossed - I'll be ready for whatever. I'm ready to act, I'm ready to work. I love working, and I'm sure if they call me, we can work around my schedule or something can happen. But I would love to be in Sin City 2.

In Sin City Michael played the role of Manute, a big hulking figure with a red glass eye. His character was part of the mercs, a rival to the prostitute gang. Fun fact, Manute lost that eye in the comics to Marv, the big ugly bugger that was played by Mickey Rourke in the film. Might we see that scene in the second Sin City? Possibly since the new movie will feature at least one story that took place before the timeline of the first film.

As for Panthro? Eh, Michael is looking a tad too old, and tad to big, and I don't mean muscular to be playing a superhero like Panthro. By the way, I wrote in CBM Hotties article today about Zoe Saldana proclaiming her desire to be Cheetarah if there was a live action Thundercats. Quite the coincidence to have to big stars pitching for a movie most people aren't expecting to be made any time soon.

And why isn't anyone begging for a Gobots movie?

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