Missing Thundercats writer murdered because he won the lottery?

Missing Thundercats writer murdered because he won the lottery?

Missing Thundercats writer murdered because he won the lottery?

In a strange twist, Stephen Perry may have won $10,000,000 and may been murdered for his ticket.

"Thundercats" writer Stephen Perry, who is still missing but confirmed to have been murdered, may have ended up winning $10,000,000 the night before he went missing. DNA results are still pending on a human arm found in his abandoned van and other remains found in a dumpster nearby. In a strange twist of events - there's still a case of an unclaimed winning lottery ticket in that very neighborhood.

In Zephyrhills, Florida, Harry's Food Mart, a little convenience store not far from Perry's ransacked and abandoned home, was confirmed to have sold the winning ticket, which totaled a sweet 10 million buckos. The next day police were searching Perry's home. The ticket is still unclaimed. Now it could all be coincidence, but it's such strange timing that it's a good possibility Perry may have ended up winning the lottery and then was murdered for his winnings.

The owner of the grocery store that sold the winning ticket, Peter Patel doesn't remember if Perry came in to buy the ticket, "Too many customers come in the store. I cannot recognize everybody's face," said Patel.

The lottery website's official rules are that you have 180 days to claim the ticket and only 60 to collect it in one lump sum. In the week leading up to Perry's disappearance, his ex girlfriend also mentioned that he had been talking to her on the phone and mentioned that one day a man drove by the house waving a gun out the window yelling that the people in the home 'owe me money,' Perry's two roommates are ex cons, both of whom are currently in custody--one on drug trafficking charges and the other on skipping probation.

Did Perry, a man who had been at times homeless, living in his van, dying from cancer, finally catch a break and win 10 million dollars, only to be murdered for the money?

Only time will tell. Things just keep getting stranger for this poor man.
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