New Thundercats Cartoon Review

New Thundercats Cartoon Review

I'm just giving my review on the new Thunder-cats Cartoon that premiered on Cartoon network Tonight.

With most remake cartoons, they try and be as different from the original material as possible and in the process can be off putting or just plain unrecognizable, but this new Thundercats cartoon feels more like a prequel to the original 80s cartoon series.

The characters are younger and trying to find the their place among the ranks so to speak, especially Lion-O who is struggling to impress his elders, they expect much more out of him then he is giving. It's a coming of age story, while at the same time it's nostalgic and recognizable.

The animation is beautiful very fluid in motion, although there was some reused footage I noticed but it was briefly done. The voice acting was really good and the characterization is a little cliche at times, but still it's the start of something great. If I was going to compare this to a comic book movie, I would say it reminds me of X-men First Class.

X-men First Class in a way is prequel to the other X-men movies but at the same time it's doing something completely new, same here with the new Thundercats.
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