Thundercats Movie

I have some news on the ThunderCats movie that WB is in pre-production on.

ThunderCats ran as a comic book both in the 80s and again recently in a revival. Ed Benes in particular did some stunning work on the property.

Our team at has been in touch with some of the folks involved in the upcoming cgi movie and we were tipped off two days ago that Charlie Wen, a sensational illustrator and concept artist for God of War I and II (the games) and Gatchaman the movie would be doing the concept work for the new T-Cats movie. I've attached some of his concept art from previous projects, and T-Cat fans are over the moon that a talent like this is working on the movie.

As you may know by now Warners took the unusual move of hiring a video game designer to direct. Jerry O'Flagherty was the art director made famous by his work on the Gears of War game. By all accounts so far this movie is receiving a solid design treatment on updating the look of the ThunderCats while paying homage to the original series.

We're also hearing rumblings that voice actor casting is underway and that some decisions could be reached shortly. We at are pushing a petition for Larry Kenney, the original 80's voice actor who played Lion-O to reprise his role. Fans can add their 'signature' to the list at

ThunderCats HHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
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