Voice Actors For Lion-O And Panthro In Thundercats Animated Series Revealed!

Voice Actors For Lion-O And Panthro In <i>Thundercats</i> Animated Series Revealed!

Kevin Michael Richardson has let slip that he'll be voicing Panthro in the upcoming anticipated series as well as who will be providing vocals for Lion-O! Hit the jump for that, his take on the show and to hear him cry, "THUNDER!"

"I love Panthro, so to play him, yeah I'm very very happy. The state of the art animation they have today is... That's exactly what it is — state of the art."

"The cast is fantastic. Will Friedle as Lion-O and some other people who I want to keep anonymous at the moment. It's up to the times, it's a lot cooler, it's going to move a little faster, and the special effects and the direction and the acting are just superb."

"I must tell you, I love the original, and if it ain't broke don't fix it. But from what I've worked on already, I'm very impressed. My favorite part is the 'Thunder... Thunder... THUNDER!"

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