Peter Jackson Working On The Adventures Of Tintin Sequel After The Hobbit

Peter Jackson Working On<i> The Adventures Of Tintin</i> Sequel After <i>The Hobbit</i>

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn will open in select countries this weekend and wont premiere in the US until December, but according to Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg they are already to go on the sequel after Jackson finishes The Hobbit.

The Adventures Of Tintin looks to already have a sequel in the works, and the first movie isn't even out yet. The popular comics that were created by Hergé have opened up to mostly positive reviews, which means it looks likely that we could see more of Tintin and his beloved dog Snowy. To add to this speculation Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg were interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, via /Film, and when asked if the next Tintin movie will be after the Hobbit Jackson simply stated, "yes." Spielberg added to what Jackson said by saying, "[Sony and Paramount] were willing to do one movie with us and then give us the financial werewithal to develop a script, do all the visual storyboards and get it really in launch position. So we can launch pretty quickly on a second movie. The script is already written." The sequel's script was written by Anthony Horowitz and will be based on two of Tintin's stories, Prisoners of the Sun and The Seven Crystal Balls.

Synopsis for The Seven Crystal Balls:

A mysterious illness is afflicting members of an archaeological expedition recently returned from the Andes, where they had unearthed the tomb of the Inca, Rascar Capac. One by one, the expedition members fall into a mysterious coma. The only clue is shards of crystal found near each victim, which are fragments of shattered crystal balls. Concerned, Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus go to stay with Calculus's old friend, and expedition member, the ebullient Professor Tarragon, who is keeping Rascar Capac's mummy in his house. But the mummy soon disappears when a lightning storm sends a ball of fire down the chimney, and, after each being visited in their nightmares by the mummy, the three wake to find Tarragon comatose, with the telltale shards of crystal by his bed. How did this happen?

Synopsis for Prisoners of The Sun:

Tintin and Captain Haddock arrive in Peru to look for Professor Calculus, following the events in The Seven Crystal Balls, which ended with Calculus being kidnapped for putting on the bracelet of the mummified Inca, Rascar Capac. Although Tintin and Haddock intercept the ship carrying Calculus, the Pachacamac, near Callao, they are unable to rescue him, and they set off on the trail of the Quechua-speaking natives who have taken him. It leads them to the mountain town of Jauga, where a train is sabotaged in an attempt to kill them. They find both the authorities and the locals extremely unwilling to help them track Calculus' kidnappers.

Thanks to Comic Vine for the synopsis.
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