Could The Allspark Return For TRANSFORMERS 4?

Could The Allspark Return For TRANSFORMERS 4?

We know little at this point about the fourth installment of Michael Bay's Transformers other than the fact that it's not a reboot but the film will feature an entirely new cast. Now there's a rumor that the Allspark could make an implausible return.

Transformers 4 is not a reboot, all the events of the previous films are still intact but none of the original cast are returning. In fact, there was some discussion with a Hasbro representatives that even the Decepticons and Autobots could undergo some slight tweaks to their design. But the folks at TFW 2005 [via NPR] reckon that an item from the first Transformers film could be returning in the fourth Transformers outing. To summarize the info uncovered, there was a set-visit to Paramount and their props warehouse where a set decorator hinted that the cube could be seen in the next film.

Of course the Allspark was destroyed in the films and the residual energy passed to Sam (Shia LaBeuf) who then passed it on to Optimus Prime. But there's also the Reign of Starscream storyline in the tie-in comic books from IDW which focus on Decepticon efforts to build a new Allspark.

Keep this in the rumor bin for now, we'll have to wait and see whether this was an unintentional slip-up.

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