Facts On New Autobot Vehicles in TRANSFORMERS 4

Facts On New Autobot Vehicles in TRANSFORMERS 4

With Transformers 4 set for theaters next year, director Michael Bay presents to us all six of the new Autobot vehicles that will be appearing in the movie. Check them out along with some details after the jump.

As the upcoming Transformers 4 film is yet to embark on a sequel trilogy to Michael Bay's first trilogy that took place in between 2007 and 2011, Bay has promised that he would not only replace most of the autobots with new ones but also stated that he will redesign some of them that he will have stay.

 photo GroupShot1-Transformers-4_1369938620_zps70ac9663.jpg

So far 6 autobot vehicles have been confirmed on the set as shown above

Now for some of the autobots that Bay has redesigned, lets take a look at them below

Optimus Prime
 photo transformers-4-optimus-prime_zps7c5d3290.jpg

 photo Bumblebee-980_zpsfecd7bc8.jpg

As shown above, Optimus Prime's vehicle has been changed but his blue and flame insignia colors are retained and the pipes on top are bent to the sides in a strange way and as for Bumblebee, his new vehicle is very much a resemblance to his first vehicle mode except this time his paint job is more black and less yellow.

As for the ambulance barely seen in the first picture it is hard to tell if it is Ratchet or a different autobot

Now for the brand new autobots in these brand new vehicles

2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is Drift
 photo _1369787379_zpsc0461c2a.jpg

It was mentioned earlier that the film will include a new autobot that is said to be a former samurai decepticon and as confirmed reports point to drift as this 2.4 million dollar vehicle, the rumors appear to be true.

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is Slingshot
 photo _1369787397_zps9cb759de.jpg

As sporty as this car looks, Slingshot was originally an aerielbot that transforms into a jet. But I guess Michael Bay these days can't always go exactly by a bot's original transformation mode from the original series can he?

And now for the new big green Military Vehicle
 photo AutobotMilitary_zps3355e919.png

With an autobot that can transform into something like this, it should definately make the line up of autobots in the 4th film even better than the first and third films. It's name has not been announced yet but it is assumed to be Hound, Brawn or Bulkhead. As long as this unnamed vehicle is an autobot, it will definately prove that Michael Bay is finally coming through to everyone and every transformers fans out in the world by finally bringing in the real good stuff.

To find out more please stay in tough for more updates as well as the filming for the movie.
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