Megan Fox Talks "Transformers 2" And "Jonah Hex"

Megan Fox Talks "Transformers 2" And "Jonah Hex"

Megan Fox Talks "Transformers 2" And "Jonah Hex"

In an interview with Total Film magazine, the sexy star gave some info on her two upcoming comicbook movies...

Be warned, this girl has a potty mouth..i think she suddenly became more attractive!

Also included is a still shot of the already infamous "Bike" scene from ROTF.

When asked about Transformers...

“I don’t know if this movie’s about the story. I don’t know if anyone’s going in and trying to analyse the story and if they are, then f#ck them for trying!”

“We’re not trying. We’re not pretending this is a story-driven film. It is what it is. Everybody just shut the f#ck up and go have fun. It’s not meant to change your life. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t f#cking go and pay for it. Stay home!

Well, at least shes honest!

On Sam and Mikaela..

"It’s two years later in our relationship and it’s time for him to go to college. Mikaela can’t afford college so has to work on bikes and earn money.

"But Sam gets in trouble at college with some Transformers and I have to come and help him get out of a sticky situation.”

On Jonah Hex..

“Jonah Hex is a post Civil War apocalyptic type of situation about this cowboy [Josh Brolin] who has the ability to talk to dead people.

"He’s a really crazy, badass, rugged, rough, f#cker of a man and it’s a really intense movie because of the people who are in it. Michael Fassbender, Michael Shannon, Josh Brolin, John Malkovich. And then me! I don’t ever feel I’ve been more lucky to be a part of something.”

"Transformers : ROTF" will be out 24 June 2009, "Jonah Hex" is due for release 6 August 2010
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