Possible TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Trailer Description?

Possible TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Trailer Description?

Coming off the Super Bowl TV SPOT, fans have been patiently waiting for the full trailer. If you can't wait any longer, or just want to see it, come check out a possible description of the trailer.

Hello everyone. Let me first off say that this description may in fact not be true. My brother works in the "industry" and he always gives me the good stuff. The thing is though...he's also a jokester. He likes to deliver me fake information A LOT! While telling me what we can expect from the trailer, I've never seen him so convincing. I'm urging you guys to take this with a fucking gallon of salt, but again, he seemed like he was really telling the truth. (And trust me, there's a huge difference of him lying and telling the truth). So here we go. He basically gave me a play by play, read it below:

-We fade in. Were in space. Calm as it can be. Before we know it, literally dozens of battle ships are approaching as what to be seen in the distance... EARTH.

In the midst of all this, we hear a V.O.

"Optimus Prime..."

-A large battle ship, bigger than the others, hovers over earth.

"You've been on Earth long enough to hear the saying, you can run but you can't hide"

-A LARGE BADASS looking robot (Lockdown?) exits the ship. He stares down Earth from above before these jet-type things come from his back and jumps off, falling down towards Earth at a rapid speed

-Cut to the robot landing on Earth. Crashing into the concrete. So hard that it creates a shock wave miles ahead. The concrete cracks and splits all the way to a farm, where a gang of autobots are surrounding Cade, Tessa, and Shane.

-Optimus looks at the ground, than ahead...

"They have arrived"

-Lockdown, and his badass ship behind him, walks towards Lockdown.

-Optimus tells an autobot to get the three out of here (Cade, Shane, and Tessa), and the autobot tuns into a race car.

-Lockdown face turns into a gun and he shoots it at Optimus.

-Optimus goes down and...

-Cut to the Paramount pictures logo

*Note, that is all like the first 37 seconds*

-We pan over the city of Chicago, where several posters showing the discrimination towards Transformers are displayed in quick flashes. We hear a voice-over, similar to Kelsey Grammar

"We always knew they would return... We just never knew when"

-Cut to facility where hundreds of transformers are being manufactured.

"And they couldn't have picked a better time"

-A title smashes onto screen, "THIS SUMMER"

-We see a shot of Cade face to face with Harold Attinger, (Kelsey Grammar)

Cade-"What do you plan to do?"

-Cut to several Transformers looking beat, weakened, and or destroyed.

"Give them a blessing... An ending to their ever lasting struggles..."

-Cut back to Cade and Harold face to face. Harold, without hesitation, without blinking, he says in the most calm, disturbing voice;

"Their Extinction"

-A tile smashes on the screen "Prepare Yourself"

-This is where the montage of awesome stuff happens. Although my brother didn't give me every single detail, here are the highlights (In order)

• Cade, Tessa, and Shane are all running from a huge battle taking place behind them

• Smash title "For Extinction"

• A decepticon corners Tessa nears a car where he proceeds to pick her up. Following that is Cade yelling "Tessa!!"

• A bunch of helicopters are chasing after the car we saw Cade, Tessa, and Shane get in earlier in the trailer. But... a huge decepticon rises from the ocean/lake next to the highway, and throws a large abandon ship onto the highway causing bridges to collapse.

• Bumblebee burst through a building, literally, and retrieves Cade and Shane wile sliding down the other side of the building.

• A shot of Cade holding this cybertonian artifact. (Can't describe it, but it's really gnarly looking and it's described as being a "compass" type thing)

Cade says something like "This has to lead to something"

-Cut to black. We hear a voice-over from OP

"It can't be"

-We cut to OP inside this cybernetic, futuristic cave type things. We fade in and out but then we the picture stand still. OP looks down and sees about 5 HUGE looking autobots.

-Flashes of the 5 autobots awakening... and transforming... and literally TOWERING over OP. (Think Kevin Hart next to Yao Ming)

-We cut to black and we hear a growling, raspy, ROAR! Grimlock baby.

-And now the money shot. We see a bunch of traffic on the main street of Hong Kong. A sort of bump is heard. It grows louder and louder. People exit their taxis and cars. They look behind them. The bump grows louder. So loud and strong that cars are subtlety jumping and people are rocking. People look... They start to scream... They run away...


-BAM. Cut to the title

Again, take this with a grain of salt. But my brother swore up and down this was real. We shall see. Leave a comment below.
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