RUMOR: Omega Supreme is the Ark in Transformers 3 Trailer

RUMOR: Omega Supreme is the Ark in <em>Transformers 3</em> Trailer

An Italian blog tells us that the Ark on the dark side of the moon may in fact be the Transformer Omega Supreme. And the fire truck is ... Sentinel Prime! What do you think?

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A reader alerted us to an interesting image. Below is a rendering of the Ark, the ship appeared in the trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, TRANSFORMERS!

The hypothesis is that there may be Omega Supreme ("advanced weapon resembling the namesake of the series G1 Autobot that transforms into the spaceship land division which looks like the Ark of the G1 series" source Wikipedia).

Obviously this is not the official image (or at least not yet), what do you think?

The release of Transformers: The Dark of the Moon is scheduled for July 1, 2011 in America.

See the episode...

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UPDATE: Our Convoy81 player, whom we thank, we gave further details on the image:

The source is a render TFlamb is ripped from something and erased multiple times from various sources. As you can see the image is low resolution, so it's strange that a fan art, it seems more a scan ...

The structure seems to be that the Ark (especially the left side and chest with two cylinders). Now I do not know whether Omega or a Decepticon, most likely the center with the huge blue feet that were seen in Chicago. If the Ark is perhaps a kind of reference to the history of Animated (where Omega was the Ark). Or is the weapon you want to bring to Earth Shockwave. On Earth, perhaps the key is just to turn this "monster" (and I imagine that the hidden Dylan \ Dempsey) ... Maybe the Decepticons and the Autobots who seek it. CASE: A key to Vector Sigma.
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