The Transformers Trilogy In Review.

The Transformers Trilogy In Review.

With the release of the Dark of the Moon on blu-ray and dvd, I thought that I'd take a look at how I feel about all three movies.

The first Transformers movie came out when I was 11 years old. I remember walking out of the theaters with a big smile on face. I loved it, and that love for the big metal robots has carried over to my teens. Now being 15, almost 16, I thought I would take a look at how I felt about all three movies.


I loved this movie when it came out in theaters. The CGI was the best I had ever seen in my young life. I thought the acting was pretty good, along with the the writing, but i didn't really care about that back then. The directing was good, not knowing who Micheal Bay was at the time.
Before this movie I didn't know much about transformers, so after I saw it I had became a complete fan of this franchise. I read all i could about the transformers universe , and I got a tone of the movie toys. I even ate at Burger King for a month just for the toys. I enjoyed this movie, and I still think about the toys I was never able to get and how I didn't understand the masterbation joke, I know what it means now by the way.


Having thought that the first movie was great, I thought that this one was going to be even better. Although I loved it when I first saw it, I don't like it as much as i do the first one or the third one. I mean the humor over took this movie. I hated the devastator balls part, but i thought the twins were alright( although a little racist)in the movie.
The plot holes were easy to spot, along with the CGI that I felt was a little poor at times. Over all, it was not my favorite movie in the series. It was a let down for most of the fans of the first movie and the original cartoon series. I still got the toys and went to burger king for the prizes and the little food prize game that came with the drinks and the fries.


Although I thought this was the best of the series, many of you didn't like it as much as I did. To me, everything form the first and second movies were improved upon. From the CGI, down to the acting. I thought the casting was very well down too. The casting of Ken Jong as Wang was pretty funny if you ask me. I loved the story as well. The robots themselves were by far the best in the series, and the voices of the robots were amazing. I mean Leonard Nimoy and James Remar were very cool if you ask me.
I got very few of the toys this time around, mainly because I'm in high school now, but I did get all of the Burger King toys. Over all, this was my favorite movie in the series. I would like another movie in the series, but the chances of that happening are slim.

Despite poor reviews and criticism these films have gone on to make a tone of money. It has a huge fan base that you may or may not be apart of, I know that I am. Tell me what you guys thought about these movies. Post your comments below, thanks.

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