Transformers 3 "Leaked Script" Review

<em>Transformers 3</em> "Leaked Script" Review

Real or fake, Wadey gives his take on the Transformers 3 script!

As we all know, the first two Transformers films left us fans wanting. We wanted more GIANT FREAKIN' ROBOTS, more action! Bay tried to appease us with this year's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Make no mistake, that movie made several HUGE improvements over the first. But it still had it's own downside: humping dogs, Megan Fox, Turtorro's butt, Megan Fox, etc.

Now supposedly, this is an official draft. I came to that conclusion after seeing in big letters, the word DRAFT on every dang page! So, is it a good script? I can honestly say that it goes in a completely different direction from the Bay films which isn't overall a bad thing. Unfortunatley, that leads me to the conclusion that the script is a fake. Oh, well..... It is still some nice piece of fiction!

Remember when Michael Bay said there were around 43 bots in ROTF? Well, it dropped to about 36. Not neccessarily a bad thing. But I do not see a mention of Jolt anywhere! I was looking forward to some character development on his part! So all you can expect to see are the Aerialbots, the Combaticons, Perceptor, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, and Shockwave just to name a few.

That being said, this was an AWESOME read! If ever you were a fan of the 1984 cartoon series, you will be rewarded! This is the ultimate homage to G1! The story needs work but then again this IS a draft!

*Beware of spoilers*

The story kicks off when Sam needs Prime's help with another fragment of the All Spark. Yeah, like they never keep running out of those. The fragment could create an infinite amount of Energon, the lifeblood of the Transformers. But when they are experimenting with it aboard the Ark (Dude! Nerdgasm!), Megatron attacks in his own ship. Somehow they all manage to travel back in time to the year 1982. (Yeah, I know. Another time travel movie.)

This is where the cool stuff happens. Prime orders everyone to assimilate a new mode to blend into the time period. Prime becomes the flat nosed cab over engine Peterbilt Semi we have all come to love! And Sam makes him lose the flames! Mirage keeps going back and forth between a Formula 1 Race Car and a Pontiac Trans Am. It's great!

I won't give away all the details. Like I said, it's a great read. But I must add that Sam realizes that he can erase the Autobot/Decepticon War from earth's history by getting rid of the Cube! Oh and he meets up with his grandad! Not his great great grandad, but his grandad you know? His father's father? That's it! That's all I am saying plotwise! Read the rest yourself!

To sum it all up, this would make an EXCELLENT movie! And if directed correctly (AHEM! Mr. Bay!) could win some real awards other than best special effects. Which of course I hope ROTF wins this year. I can't see Michael bay sanctioning this script though. Not enough military presence and way too short.

I give this script an 8 out of 10.

This is only a draft, so if it is real, there will probably be some major changes by the time it hitd theatres!

Please let this be real!

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