TRANSFORMERS 4: Michigan Filming Updates In Detroit, Pontiac & Fairfield Township

TRANSFORMERS 4: Michigan Filming Updates In Detroit, Pontiac & Fairfield Township

Michael Bay is in Texas filming the next installment of the Transformers movie franchise. Meanwhile, preparation is being made in Michigan for the film's arrival...

Production on Transformers 4 has already begun in Texas. Many set photos have already appeared both here on and across the Internet showing actor Mark Wahlberg on set along with other actors. While crews are in Texas filming, another unit is building and preparing sets in Michigan for the alien robot film.

According to, a small town is being built in Downtown Detroit at Washington Blvd. at Clifford.

"A guard watching the site, representing Wolverine Security, [said] ... the Transformer's crew is building a town, surrounding existing buildings like the old United Artists Theater and David Whitney, that will be a part of the film.

"The security guard, who declined to identify himself, said work on the "town" is expected to be complete by crews sometime in July."

Also being reported is Transformers 4 will film a bulk of the movie at Michigan Motion Picture Studios just north of Detroit in Pontiac. Another filming location has been revealed as well.

The Associated Press, via, is reporting Transformers 4 will film in Fairfield Township. Located on the southern border of Michigan and along the Ohio border, Fairfield Township is a somewhat remote location located approximately 30-40 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio.

"The makers of the next installment of the 'Transformers' movie franchise plan to shoot an action sequence this month along a wheat field-lined stretch of Michigan state highway near Adrian."

More to come as Transformers 4 is scheduled to continue its production through the summer months.

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