TRANSFORMERS 4 To Be Set In China (Mainly So It Can Make More Money!)

TRANSFORMERS 4 To Be Set In China (Mainly So It Can Make More Money!)

So, Michael Bay's Transformers 4 looks likely to be set in China! The director must have plans to craft a really great story based around the country then, eh? Does he heck! No, filming there just means it's more likely to secure a release, thereby earning the movie even more moolah. Read on for details!

Love them or hate them, there's no getting around the fact that the majority of people are fans of the Transformers movies. All three have been a huge hit at the box office, but if the following news is anything to go by, Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay want MORE, MORE, MORE (and who can blame 'em?). Vulture reports that the currently untitled Transformers 4 looks likely to be set in mainland China, not because of any real story reasons, but due to the fact that, "By getting Chinese culture into it, there’s a better chance of getting it into China and less chance of getting frozen out," explains one knowledgeable insider.

The Chinese box office continues to grow at an exponential rate - it is now the second largest international market in the world behind only Japan - despite the fact that the government only allow 34 foreign films a year to be shown (this is down to them worrying that more blockbusters being screened will damage their own film industry). They showed their dislike of such releases earlier this year when they pitted The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises against one another, taking a huge chunk out of what they could have made had been released at different times. They basically just want to suppress the earnings of such films.

It's a long and complicated story, and while the script for Transformers 4 is still being written, Paramount have so far denied claims that it will film in China. However, Vulture's source tells them that locations are already being scouted and deals being made. The Chinese government even want to supervise how the script comes together as "They want to make sure that the Chinese military are depicted as a highly competent group of super-fighters, not some third-world force." Oh, and don't expect director Michael Bay to use this opportunity to make any points about their controversial regime. It's all about the explosions baby! "[Bay] is not going to make some political statement about [Chinese government] atrocities or oppression. He’s going to be more interested in showing how robots blow up some corner of the Great Wall of China."

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