Transformers Movie Sneak Peeks

Transformers Movie Sneak Peeks

Take a look at the toys inspired by the upcoming live action/CGI movie. Plus, more plot details emerge.

Images of the Scorpion, Blackout and Optimus toys inspired by the Transformers movie are now up on the Web (thanks to Things From Another World), plus a photo of Bumblebee. Check them out below:

Meanwhile, which Transformers will appear in the upcoming live action/CGI film? Screenwriters Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman gave Yahoo! Movies the list. The Transformers that will be in the film include:

Optimus Prime


The official Web site will hold a contest shortly for fans to send in a line that Optimus Prime should say in the movie.

The Web site also gave these details about the film:
1- They will be releasing more teaser posters in the coming months.

2- Paramount made studies and concluded that the TF "ANNOUNCEMENT" was the 2nd highest rated "teaser" this summer.

3.- They just finished shooting a lot of Pentagon interiors on a soundstage in scenes that involved many Chiefs of staff in their huge war room.

4.- Shia just was recently suspended over the edge of a 20 story building in a very dynamic and intense scene.

5.- The average transformation time from normal mode to alt mode and vice versa is about 3 to 4 seconds.

6.- The leaked pictures are legit (although a somewhat early rendering).

7.- Filming of massive chase scenes will begin in the following weeks.

8.- The CGI transformations by ILM are looking wicked and nastier every single day.

9.- Part 1 will be about why the transformers came to earth.

10.- This movie will be a new start for the live action franchise that will not be based on any particular TF TV series and/or comic book.

The Michael Bay-directed film hits theaters July 4, 2007.

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