MARVELFREEK REVIEWS: Transformers:Dark of the Moon 3D

Well here it is. My likes and dislikes of Bay's third installment. Enjoy! *SPOILER FREE*

Hey there everyone; sorry I've been lagging on my Avengers reviews for those who read them. I went on a family vacation and have yet to see the episode but I'm going to cover the three parter as a whole very soon. Now on to the article. Let me say I've loved transformers ever since it was on saturday morning cartoons in the 90's. When the first film came out it honestly blew me away and is still one of my favorites. It is what caused me to see the 80's G1 series and read up on the characters. When ROTF came out I enjoyed it but I was disappointed with the plot holes in the film and the annoying characters *cough* LEO *cough* but now we're on to the third and possibly final installment so here goes!

-NO MEGAN FOX- Yes I know she was eye candy but come on guys she sucked acting wise.
-A MORE SOLID STORY- I'll be honest from a reviewers stand point I tried to find places the script was lacking and couldn't find much.

-FEW IF ANY PLOT HOLES- As a stand alone I could not find any but as a franchise there were some spots not covered but nothing drastic. Such as BARRICADE IS BACK!!!!

-THE NEW GIRL CAN ACT!- You heard it right. Rosie Huntington-Whitley is a good actress. She said more lines in 20 minutes than Fox did in two movies! Also her role had purpose.

-THE FINAL FIGHT- Wow those fights were amazing and heart pounding.

- THE DECEPTICON VIOLENCE- I was a bit taken aback seeing the humans get killed. It was intense but it was that little push the franchise needed to break a bit out of the silly mode. Plus it really showed the terror of war.

-AUTOBOT AND DECEPTICON COMMUNICATION- I'm a nerd so when I see my favorite guys talking instead of fighting so we can see emotion is very cool.

-THE PARENTS WERE TONED DOWN- I liked that the parents were in it but it wasn't over the top. Just enough to get the point across.

-LASERBEAK- Honestly in my opinion he made the decepticons scary again.

-3D- If you can afford and you don't get dizzyor something it see it in 3D. Avatar eat your heart out.

-IT CAPTURED MY IMAGINATION AGAIN- This was something the first succeeded in and sadly the second failed in.


-CERTAIN AUTOBOT DEATHS- This was touchy but I'll put it in non spoiler terms. If you saw the original animated movie and had a sad feeling when certain G1 guys died you will get it again in this film.

-PATRICK DEMSEY- Now his character was great but I Liked/disliked him because he was such a jerk!

-DINO WAS NOT MIRAGE- Now in the movie he is most definately not Mirage. But if your like me and don't care about that you can think of him as Mirage and it won't affect the character or movie at may make it better!

-MEGATRON IS STILL KIND OF A TOOL- I felt he was somewhat under used.. He rocked in the film but something about him was missing. If you have an idea feel free to comment.

-NOT ENOUGH CLOSURE- Just like first class I felt as though there needed more of a closure with the characters like the Autobots and Sam and the parents and especially Lennox (What happened to his wife and daughter!)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Great movie. Also Q the blue car is also Wheeljack if you see the credits so no worries there. But I give this 4 out of 5 Autobot shields because it was just fun to watch like the first film. Now once again these are my honest opinions so if you have any you would like to share of how you liked/hated it feel free to comment. Till the next time readers MARVELFREEK OUT!
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