Michael Bay on the Dinobots for "Transformers 3"

Michael Bay on the Dinobots for "Transformers 3"

Bay says "I hate them".

The dinobots have never been in a Transformers movie but is it possible they could be in the third movie?

Here's the info:

Empire Magazine will be featuring a piece on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Director Michael Bay in its September 2009 issue.

Michael Bay was quoted in the post as saying this about the possible introduction of the Dinobots for Transformers 3:

"They've never been discussed [for inclusion]" stated Bay. "I don't like them. Actually, I hate them."

Could the director of the 10th most domestically grossing film in movie history be throwing us an early "misinformation" loop well before production of the third film begins?

So if this is true we most likely wont be seeing the dinobots in the 3rd movie.

Ozy out.
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