New Transformers 3 Set Photos and Video!

New <i>Transformers 3</i> Set Photos and Video!

ScreenRant has a lot of new set photos and a video from the Chicago set along with some new info on the filming...

ScreenRant has received exclusive photos and a video from Transformers 3 production in Chicago. Check out some info in filming in Chicago below.

All of the filming took place in Chicago’s financial district on LaSalle St. The same location as The Dark Knight’s famous Joker/Batman showdown (the scene where the truck flips). Any flags, or other exterior decorations, on the buildings were replaced with torn and scorched ones. Cars and taxi cabs were shoved up onto curbs and were also damaged and on fire. The previously reported craters were placed in the road.

Check out some pictures from the Chicago set below.

Interesting. Very interesting. Now, check out this video from the Chicago set featuring NASCAR Transformers, the helicopter rig, as well as the base jumpers.

The movie is looking good so far. I'm hoping they bring back Soundwave.

Transformers 3 comes to theaters July 1, 2011.
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