Leaked Transformers 2 Call Sheet Provides Plenty of Spoilers

An insider sent us the actual call sheet from the Transformers 2 set which provides a round-up of all the latest news and spoilers.

SPOILER WARNING! Below is a graphic of the actual call sheet from the set, as well as a few other fun bits that we found floating around the web. It contains many spoilers for the scenes, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The Transformers:

Arcee - a female motorcycle from the original movie.
The Twins - An Ice Cream Truck
Stinger - A Porsche
R8 - Unknown, but possibly an Audi R8--the kind seen in Iron Man.
Wheels - Probably a version of the annoying "Wheelie" from the original series.
Jetfire - a Blackbird jet
Devastator? - An unconfirmed Constructicon Earth Mover.

The Confirmed Human Cast:

Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson. New to the 2nd movie are Matthew Marsden, Andrew Howard, Ramon Rodriguez and Nina Dobrev.
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