Transformers 2 Viral Kicks Off- The Real Effing Deal!

Transformers 2 Viral Kicks Off- The Real Effing Deal!

In the newest trailer, Sam's shirt reveals Transformers ROTF viral website

May 23, 2009
by Alex Billington

Ah yes, finally some good viral updates! If there is one franchise ripe for good viral marketing (besides Terminator), it's Transformers. Lucky for us, Paramount is putting a small bit of effort into launching what could be a cool viral game for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Those who followed the viral for the first Transformers know that it all began when Michael Bay hid a password in the trailer. And it's no different here. Hidden in the latest full trailer for Transformers 2 was a website on the back of Sam's shirt (see below). That website has now officially launched and there seems to be a lot more going on as well.

Seen below is a screenshot from the scene in the trailer where that website address first appears. It points to, a conspiracy blog run by Leo Spitz who was in Mission City when the final fight in the last movie all took place (hence the blurry photo seen above). Click the photo for a full-size look.

The Real Effing Deal is a somewhat of a conspiracy blog talking about UFOs, aliens, and plenty more, including giant robots. Spitz also has the hots for G4TV host Olivia Munn, who is mentioned a few times in his posts. His updates date all the way back to May 10th, but we haven't had time yet to go through every one to find out if there's anything hidden in any of them. We're assuming this is going to be the primary website for all big viral updates related to Transformers 2 (especially considering the URL was on the back of Sam's jacket in the trailer). But that's not all - there are a few more giant robot related sites out there.

There's another blog located at that is run by Robo-Warrior (who we believe is John Turturro in the movie). There aren't as many updates, but they do reference Leo Spitz and attempt to refute his giant robot claims. Lastly, the third viral website is located at It hasn't launched yet, but word is that Mendelson is the company that is responsible for covering up the events in Mission City as well as studying the Transformers in order to gain technological advancements. Mendelson is supposedly seen in the latest TV spots when Optimus rolls in and transforms (at the end).

Thanks to our friends over at for helping out with the details. We'll keep you updated on all the latest with this viral. And of course, if you discover anything new while out searching these three sites, be sure to let me know! It wouldn't be a viral if it weren't about everyone discovering new sites and details
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