Will Michael Bay Be Involved With TRANSFORMERS 5 After All?

Will Michael Bay Be Involved With TRANSFORMERS 5 After All?

Actor Glenn Morshower, who has appeared in all three of Michael Bay's Transformers films, reveals that Bay is not only working with executive producer Steven Spielberg on Transformers 4, but potentially a fifth installment as well.

When Michael Bay signed on to direct Transformers 4 for Paramount Pictures earlier this year, he stated that this would be his final installment in the highly successful series. However, he also said the same thing when he helmed Dark Of The Moon last year, leading to some thinking that Bay will be back for a fifth film in the franchise. And if these words from actor Glenn Morshower - who plays 'General Morshower' in the Transformers trilogy - are anything to go by, it looks like Bay isn't done with the Transformers movies yet.

Last weekend at the Con X KC in Kansas City, Missouri, Morshower (who also provides the introduction to Universal Studios' Transformers 3D ride) discussed the continuation of the series, as well as whether or not he'll be back for future installments. "After I did the opening ceremonies for the ride, [executive producer] Steven Spielberg walked up to me and chatted and said 'You know we've got you set to do the fourth one and probably the fifth one on the heels of that," Morshower revealed. "So, I guess in December we are on our way to making 4 and 5."

Very interesting. When Michael Bay signed on to direct, it's been said that Transformers 4 will abandon most (if not all) of the human characters from the first three films. However, if what Morshower is saying is true, we can expect to see him in two more films from Bay and Spielberg. Additionally, there was a rumor this year that Paramount were considering shooting both a fourth and a fifth movie back-to-back. But since that rumor also said that Jason Statham will be taking over the lead role (something that the actor has denied since), it was probably bogus. Still, take the possibility a fifth Transformers movie from Bay with a grain of salt until we receive official confirmation.

Transformers 4 is set to hit theaters June 27th, 2014.

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