Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Talk TRON: UPRISING And TRON 3

Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Talk TRON: UPRISING And TRON 3

The TRON: Legacy writers discuss their work on the upcoming Disney XD animated series, as well as revealing that they have seen the first draft for the third TRON film and what their current involvement is.

In an interview with Collider, writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talk about their work on Disney XD's upcoming animated series TRON: Uprising (which takes place between the two TRON films). The duo reveal what they were excited about showing in the animated series that they couldn't in TRON: Legacy, while Kitsis also (briefly) discusses the two's involvement with the proposed sequel to Legacy. For Kitsis and Horowitz's comments on the season one finale of Once Upon A Time, click the link below.

On Exploring More Of The TRON World In Uprising:
Horowitz: "In writing Tron: Legacy, we had two hours to tell a story and a world that was so exciting and rich to explore. Tron: Uprising has been an amazing opportunity to explore the time between Legacy, when we see Klu overthrow Flynn and Sam’s arrival at the beginning, and take that time period and really go out into the Grid and see what happens."

Kitsis: "When we wrote the movie, you would see a scene where they would pass through other sectors, and we always wanted to explore one of those sectors. So, for us, Tron: Uprising really explores the Grid, what it means to be a Program, what it means to be a Program going from living under Flynn to living under Klu, and we really get to dig deep into the world. This will allow us to really explore it in a deeper way. Not deeper than the movie, but we really get to explore the little sections of the Grid that we didn’t have time to show you."

On Their Current Involvement With TRON 3:
Kitsis: "We were actually beginning to write the sequel, and then Once Upon A Time happened and we had to step off. Adam and I have been made co-producers of it, and Disney hired a great writer, Dave DiGilio. We’ve seen the first draft and we’re very excited."

Click here to watch the first episode of TRON: Uprising, which premieres June 7th on Disney XD.

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