Tron: Legacy Review

Tron: Legacy Review

My review on the update to the 1982 classic, Tron.

Having not seen the first 'Tron' film which came out in 1982, I didn't know much about Tron - heck, the first time I'd ever heard of it was when I watched the teaser trailer on Youtube - up to that point, I had never even heard the word 'Tron'. Having seen this 2010 update on the classic, it really makes me want to see the 1982 version.

The story is about Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) who's dad, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges who was in the 1982 film as Kevin Flynn) disappeared 20 years ago - mysteriously. Sam enters the world of Tron through an old arcade - and he's up for quite a battle - and who knows? Maybe he can find his father there.

Garrett Hedlund - a newcomer to me (never heard of him before this) was excellent as Sam - he had the "cool-boy" look and even the looks of a teenager who could cause mischief - in which he does. Hedlund was perfect for this role - if there is a sequel to 'Tron: Legacy' I would be glad to see Hedlund back as Sam. Jeff Bridges is just great as Kevin Flynn - I'm interested in seeing how younger he looked in the original as he is hinted to be quite older in this (Kevin that is - and Bridges is obviously older now, too). Olivia Wilde, Kevin's creation is starting to get a little bit of buzz around Hollywood and I can see why - she was swell in this as well. Would like to see her in more films in the near future - so far, so good. Bruce Boxleitner is wicked as Alan Bradley - he just looks evil in this - let alone his character's traits. Micheal Sheen as Castor and Zuse is kinda freaky - that character is nuts. Enough said. But he was good - just.. weird. So that rounds out the main cast in this - all main characters' actors were great - no flaws that I found. Would love to see any of them return in a future sequel (although, I fear we won't be seeing all of them, but I'm not gonna give away too much here because I may become a spoiler for those that haven't seen this yet.)

The action is aplenty - no shortage of it. The music by Daft Punk is very blood pumping while the visuals are absolutely stunning. There really isn't a scene in the film that makes you bored and head to the restrooms - there seems to be some plot-turning moment in every film sequence it seems - which is a very good component in a movie like this.

So as you can see, I really enjoyed this film. And as mentioned in my introduction on this review, I am really fighting the urge to see the 1982 film just for the heck of it. And I wouldn't have that urge if I didn't like this, so yeah, this film was great. I give it a 9\10 - go rent it now!
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