WonderCon '13: Director Updates Status Of TRON: LEGACY Sequel

WonderCon '13: Director Updates Status Of TRON: LEGACY Sequel

At WonderCon to promote his new film, Oblivion - starring Tom Cruise, director Joseph Kosinski gives an update on the sequel to Tron: Legacy. Says a new draft of the script should be delivered soon.

Tron Legacy sequel Joseph Kosinkski

Director Joseph Kosinski was at WonderCon 2013 to promote his gorgeous upcoming sci-fi epic starring Tom Cruise, a film that started out at Disney who passed after deeming the subject matter to be too adult. No such barriers with Tron: Legacy a film that earner $400M worldwide on a $170M production budget back in 2010. Disney expected a bigger box-office haul from the Tron sequel which is why we're three years removed from Legacy's release and have very little traction on a third entry. But are the wheels finally starting to turn? Kosinksi gives us an update courtesy of Latino Review:

"We’ve been working on the story for four years now. The first draft, [in which] Jesse Wigutow is writing it, is supposed to come in the next couple of weeks so the idea we have is really exciting. It has to be pretty exciting enough to get everyone back together. Those are pretty hard movies to make. Legacy was almost three years. We got a really exciting idea for it. As long as the script can kind of deliver on that—the interest is there on the studio side. It’s going to have enough creative juices to have in order to dive back in. We got some exciting ideas—so we’ll see."

Doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement but as Kosinski said if Wigutow's ( It Runs in the Family) script is fantastic maybe we'll be hearing that Disney is fast tracking a sequel to Legacy in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this is a project that will happen sooner rather than later as Legacy definitely had some interesting pieces in places for a third film to complete the trilogy.

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