PREACHER Film Remains in (Development) Hell According to Screenwriter

PREACHER Film Remains in (Development) Hell According to Screenwriter

"It is something that could be greenlit at some time but honestly, it won't be any time soon."

John August is one of the more recent additions to the ever-increasing pool of Hollywood talent that has, at one time or another, attempted to adapt the comic book PREACHER for the big screen. Most screenwriters wouldn't complain about being part of a group that includes Sam Mendes, James Marsden, Darren Aronofsky, Kevin Smith and Cameron Diaz, but in this case August can't help but call his experience with PREACHER "a great frustration."

While talking to Dread Central and Collider about his newest film, FRANKENWEENIE, August had this to say about the project:

"Preacher could be filmed, at any point. It’s sort of ready to go, but it’s lacking a green light. At some point, that green light might come, but it may never come."

PREACHER, the story of Jesse Custer, a reluctant preacher who is one day given the ability to command others with his voice, has been stuck in development Hell since the late 1990's.

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