Preacher Update: Has A New Director Signed On?

<em>Preacher</em> Update: Has A New Director Signed On?

The film's producer Neil Moretz speaks to Total Film about the sript, and there is also a reveal by the mag that another director has taken over from Sam Mendez..

News on the proposed adap of Garth Ennis' controversial comic series has been practically non existant since Sam Mendez seems to have abandoned his plans to direct in favor of the next James Bond movie. But Total film have a small update in the form of a few words from the film's producer Neil Moretz..

"John(August, the screenwriter) has done a really faithful adaptation but made it probably more accessible to a broader audience"

Well, that was kind of inevitable really. But he also says..

"The movie is definately R rated. And its an amazing central character"

So, maybe not quite as extreme as the comic. But lets face it, if it was a direct translation is would most likley never see the light of day. I don't mind a bit of toning down, but any DUMBING down will completely neuter it I think. Anyway, moving on to the best bit of news. It would seem that the film has found a new director. After this brief interview Total Film go on to say..

"Another unnamed director has apparently signed on"

Is this a juicy nugget given to them by Moretz? I have mailed them to see if I could glean any more info. Either way, its the first we have heard of a potential successor to Mendez so I hope its true..depending on the director of course!

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