Alex Lynch Reviews: TellTale's THE WALKING DEAD; "A Long Road Ahead"

Alex Lynch Reviews: TellTale's THE WALKING DEAD; "A Long Road Ahead"

The third installment from Telltale's much-loved franchise based off of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead has been officially released, but does it stand up the amazing second episode? Check out my take after the jump.

The third installment of The Walking Dead is the most poetically depressing, grotesque, and heart-wrenching episode yet, but I feel we’re still only at the beginning of TellTale’s excruciating emotional rollercoaster.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead is one of the best downloadable titles in the world, grossing over millions of buys. The story is based in the comic’s universe and follows the adventures of Lee Everett, who has become the guardian of Clementine. Together, they’ll find a cast of new characters and challenges that await them on Clem’s search to find her parents in Savannah.

Long Road Ahead starts off strong and keeps going strong without allowing you to stop for air with the first revelation to the next; you won’t want to put the controller down. The latest episode proves that no matter the tragedy, something even more shocking can follow. Not only does this episode add more emotion, but the action dial is turned up almost too high. TellTale was able to tailor a perfect sniper mechanic that fits in to their gameplay style while making it difficult and exciting at the same time. The characters in this story are entirely believable, which the actors and writers both should take credit for. Many of the characters go through major changes and evolution in this episode, and I think any comic fan will enjoy Long Road Ahead because of the endless action and suspense. Telltale continues to raise the bar higher and higher with the character drama as well. Since the first episode, many characters have built some sort of tension between each other tailored by the players actions. These tensions almost reach their breaking point by the end, forcing some unseen consequences. The fact is this; TellTale finally has an incredible overall product that takes the point-and-click adventures to a whole new level, while keeping true to its source material. The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere soon and it’s no surprise that the video game series has been renewed for a second season. With an incredibly large roster of believable and real characters, this game doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.

Long Road Ahead offers one of the most mentally excruciating adventures from The Walking Dead yet, filled with undead and human threats alike that may give you a heart attack quite a few times. Definite buy for any fan of the series.

5/5 Stars
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