FAN MADE: The Walken Dead Trailer

FAN MADE: <i>The Walken Dead</i> Trailer

This is hi-larious. At least I think it is. Check out this Walking Dead skit trailer from comedy group POYKPAC. These Zombies are more deadly than any other we have seen, they eat you while spouting Christopher Walken quotes..

The Walken Dead... For every zombie who's ever wanted their brains served with a side of cowbell

Writer/Director - Ryan Hunter
Director of Photography - Jacob Russell
Sound/Assistant Camera - Ethan Russell
Makeup - Ariana Rivera
Assistant Director - Brett Haley
Voiceover - Taige Jensen
Postproduction - Ryan Hunter

Cop - Taige Jensen
Walkens - Neal Bledsoe, Will Connell, Justin Morgan, Trevor Vaughn, Ted Schneider, Daniel Kelleher, Scott Skolnick, Ryan Hunter
Couple - Trevor Vaughn, Melodie Sisk
Survivors - Veronika Dominczyk, Ryan Hunter, Renaldy Smith, Jon Mantzke


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