New Announcements for the upcoming Walking Dead Action Figures by McFarlane!

New Announcements for the upcoming Walking Dead Action Figures by McFarlane!

Make the jump to see the new Walking Dead action figures featuring characters such as the fan favorite Shane, Glenn, and of course ZOMBIES!

So recently, I got a heads up from an employee who works at the goliath toy industry, Toy Vault, who just so happened to hit me up with some breathtaking (sorry PaulRom hehe) news about Todd McFarlane's The Walking Dead 5 inch figures based on the TV series. As some may know, the Comic Series line of The Walking Dead figures was cancelled due to budget cuts (i.e., here awhile back ago deleted their forums to save a little cash), even though they confirmed they would make a series 2 wave consisting of 2 walkers, Shane and the Governor. But, graciously, we still have the TV Series, which just made it's way into your local Wal-Mart. Below is a list of the future toys coming out starting in September 2012. Um I guess [SPOILERS] are ahead, but for Odin's sake, they're just toys!

Toy Vault Series 2
Shane Walsh - Comes w/ shotgun, handgun, axe, shovel,
Rick Grimes - Comes w/ sheriff hat, revolver, sniper rifle,
Bicycle Girl - Comes with removable torso, spring moving jaw
Well Zombie - Comes with jaw action, removable torso, rope
RV Zombie - Comes with jaw moving action, screw driver

Toy Vault Series 3
Lori Grimes - Comes with handgun, baby Judy accessory
Shane Walsh - Comes with handgun, shotgun, police uniform
Glenn - Comes with baseball bat, shotgun, shelf accessory
Swamp Zombie - Comes with movable jaw, intestines acc.
Zombie Hunter - Comes with removable stomach, woodchuck
Carl Grimes - Comes with handgun, removable hat, knife

Toy Vault Series 4
Dale Horvath - Comes with sniper rifle, removable intestines
Andrea - Comes with desert eagle, sniper rifle, silver pistol
Hershel Greene - Comes with handgun, sniper rifle, shovel
Zombie Shane - Comes with spring loaded moving jaw

Toy Vault Series 5
Daryl Dixon - Comes with crossbow, shotgun, handgun, axe
Carol Peletier - Comes with handgun, plank of wood
Rick Grimes - Comes with revolver handgun, removable hand
Highway Zombie - Comes with moving jaw, removable arrows
Michonne - Comes with katana, handgun, shotgun, backpack
Andrea - Comes with riot armor, sniper rifle, desert eagle
Tyreese Williams - Comes with hammer, handgun, shotgun

Toy Vault Series 6
This is going to be everyone's favorite series......

Now, the "it" that informed me of this said he'd... Erm... It, would give me the specifics on series 6, as well as 2 packs and other exciting things McFarlane has planned for everyone's favorite zombie series as soon as they get in. Sadly, he was not able to get phots from the flyer he recieves, because, as at most jobs, he was not allowed to have any type of phone or electronic device on the premise.

And if you somehow have not seen this series yet, do! It is arguably one of the best TV shows on air right now.

AMC's the Walking Dead starts back up this fall with it's 3rd season! And be sure to visit your local Comic Book Shop for the critically acclaimed series by the same name by Robert Kirkman!
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