New Set Pictures and Promo Poster for The Walking Dead

New Set Pictures and Promo Poster for <i>The Walking Dead</i>

Rick holding an axe, the first look at Glenn and the first promotion poster for Comic Con!

First things first - feast your eyes on this glorious mother of a Comic Con poster. Amazing.

Some set photos taken from last weekends The Walking Dead shoot - have made their way online. The shots are a little blurry - but you get a great idea of what to expect from the show and how close it will indeed follow the beloved comic.

First up - here's a new shot of Rick. I'm assuming this is when he is covered in blood and possibly trying to pass off being a zombie himself to avoid the herd. He's also wielding a sweet axe.

Next up is our first look at Glenn - he's doing the same thing as Rick above - but instead he's using the less messy approach and has a crowbar in hand.

Now here are some shots of Rick and Glenn together - trying to 'fit in' and not get eaten to smithereens.

This next one is a little different. Looks like our lead(s) found a sweet ride (Dodge Challenger) in the zombie apocalypse - I'm assuming they get in this and get the hell out of that busy street filled with things that want to eat their faces.

And finally a couple shots to give you an idea of the scope here – and just how many zombies you can expect to see right away from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Tons of the greasy bastards.

More shooting for EPISODE 2 is happening today on the Norfolk Southern property on Spring St in Mitchell, Atlanta. If you’re near there – get some spy shots you creepers. Shooting is expected to last and close the streets off well into Monday morning.
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