Robert Kirkman Backs Careful THIEF OF THIEVES Development; Shares Thoughts On MARVEL ZOMBIES

Robert Kirkman Backs Careful THIEF OF THIEVES Development; Shares Thoughts On MARVEL ZOMBIES

Kirkman advocates a careful and unhurried development process for AMC's adaptation of his comic,Thief of Thieves. Plus, his response to Kevin Feige's comments about a Marvel Zombies film?

Last April, AMC announced that they were developing another Robert Kirkman comic book for television, Thief of Thieves. What's a little unique about the series is that Kirkman already has the comic book series operating as a television writer's room. A small collection of writers all bounce story ideas off one another with Kirkman situated in more of an overseer role. Nick Spencer and James Asmus have already written arc and Andy Diggle is set to right the next (Shawn Martinbrough provides the art). Said Kikrman on the television plans with AMC, "We’re still moving forward. We’re trying to nail all that down right [now]. But these processes can be very long and involved. That’s something that we’re still trying to figure [out]."

Recently, Entertainment Weekly put the question of a Marvel Zombies film to studio president Kevin Feige. He chuckled at the idea, saying it was a cool concept but may not be right for the Marvel brand at this juncture. Here's what Kirkman, who previously wrote a Marvel Zombies limited miniseries had to say about the subject. "You know, I can see that being a little brand-damaging. You don’t want to see Tony Stark eating somebody’s brains. [Laughs] Yeah, maybe Feige is just being coy and he’s got it in the works."

"Conrad Paulson is a highly successful thief who decided to approach the thieving business from a different route and begins a new life stealing from other thieves. He quickly finds himself on the run from people on both sides of the law."

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