Robert Kirkman On The Walking Dead Without Frank Darabont; Says That "The Show Is Still The Show"

Robert Kirkman On <em>The Walking Dead</em> Without Frank Darabont; Says That "The Show Is Still The Show"

The creator of the comic book that inspired the TV Show spoke with MTV recently, and talked a little bit on how it's like now that Frank Darabont, the previous producer, is out.

The new season of The Walking Dead is coming this Sunday, October 16 on AMC, and MTV spoke with Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book, on how the show will look now that Frank Darabont is out, saying that we are not going to see any differences.

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"You're not going to see any difference on screen; the show is still the show. Everybody's working really hard to maintain that," Kirkman says. "I'm happy to report that the second season is totally cool. It's going to be pretty awesome."

"We've been working for over a year together. It was cool to have him come in and take over that role," Kirman said about Glen Mazzara, the new producer. "It's really been a saving grace to have someone completely and utterly invested in the show who's been working on the second season since day one already, knows all the characters, knows the story, can slip into the job and kind of keep things running."

The new season of The Walking Dead starts with a 90 minute event on AMC at October 16, 2011, and On Brazil it is coming two days later, on October 18 at FOX!

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