Sneak Peek At The Walking Dead Ep 2.02 Sees T-Dog Start To Lose It

Sneak Peek At <i>The Walking Dead</i> Ep 2.02 Sees T-Dog Start To Lose It

In this scene from the next ep of AMC's horror series, we see a character begin to let the pressure get the better of him as T-Dog becomes paranoid... and a cliche while he's at it.

I think this is pretty silly. Surely having the only black guy in the group suffer from racial paranoia has been done to death? It's also not in keeping with T-Dog's character at all so far. Now maybe he's just distraught after his arm being cut open and feeling the pressure, and obviously the scene needs to be watched in context with the entire episode but to me this just seems like lazy writing. What do you guys think?


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