Spoilers For The Next Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

Spoilers For The Next Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

Spoilers For The Next Episode Of THE WALKING DEAD

Last week's episode of The Walking Dead ended with Glen and Maggie in not such a good spot. Some info for next week's episode has leaked and gives you an idea where the episode might go. Click here to check the info out, and be warned there are Spoilers.

This season of The Walking Dead has been a break neck pace. Major characters have been killed off while we are also being introduced to new ones. A lot is going on in each episode, and that didn't stop with the last episode which found Maggie and Glen captured by Merle while he was looking for Michonne. Over at the Boston Herald, they have seen the episode, and gave us a few things to watch out for during the next episode.

• Merle locks Glenn in a room with a walker while he is tied to a chair.

• The Governor handles interrogation on Maggie, and is just as ruthless to her.

• Michonne finds herself extremely depended on Rick’s group for a short time.

• Michonne does a lot of watching of Rick’s group and comes to the realization she can trust them.

• Andrea helps with an experiment that tests whether or not walkers can retain their memories.

• Carol is reunited with the group.

• Carl picks a name for his baby sister.

As we get closer and closer to the mid season finale, you can expect for the epissodes to get a little more intense. With Michonne finding Rick and the survivors at the prison and Merle taking Glenn and Maggie hostage, it only seems like a matter of time before it will come to a bloody show down. Catch The Walking Dead which stars Andrew Lincon, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Lori Holden, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and David Morrissey, Sundays at 9P.M. on AMC.

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