The Punisher sets his sights on The Walking Dead

The Punisher sets his sights on The Walking Dead

The Punisher sets his sights on <i>The Walking Dead</i>

Thomas Jane is reportedly eying a role for the AMC zombie show and says he may have been the first choice to possibly portray Rick...

The man who played one of Marvel's badboys in 2004 when he took on the role of Frank Castle in The Punisher, said he was originally going to star in the comic adaptation of The Walking Dead when it was first planned to head to HBO. But when the zombies shuffled over to AMC, Jane stuck with HBO to star in another series, Hung. Does that mean Jane was almost Rick? Interesting...

Jane spent his Emmys night with TWD director Frank Darabont and the two were hatching out a plan to get Jane into a future role with the show - likely season 2 when it gets officially greenlit if all goes well for the zombie show.

"I'm not going to be a zombie," said Jane, "That's too much make up." However he did disclose what type of character he would be doing for the AMC adaptation.

"I'm going to come on and do a guest thing," said Jane, "Maybe play a bad guy."

Does this mean he could be the Governor? But isn't that too soon? So maybe he'll be a new character made just for the show in a smaller guest capacity. Either way - this is cool news. Jane also spoke highly of the show and says he's seen The Walking Dead and it owns some dead ass.

"That show is going to be a a big f----- hit," said Jane, "I've seen it and is fan-f---- tactic."
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