THE WALKING DEAD Looking To Cast The Governor With Two Actors In The Mix

THE WALKING DEAD Looking To Cast The Governor With Two Actors In The Mix

The Walking Dead will be making its return this February and with the time at Hershel's Farm running short the production will likely be adding some new characters. One of those characters could be The Governor, click here to see which two actors could be playing him.

According to MovieWeb The Walking Dead producers are looking to cast Philip Blake, aka The Governor. Fans have long been asking when the villainous character will make his debut on the show and now it looks like we have our answer, as the reports states he will debut in the third season. Producers are looking at John Hawkes for the role, but actor Tom Savini has been actively campaigning for the role.

From MobieWeb:

While Philip Blake, aka The Governor, is a major player in The Walking Dead comic book series, fans will have to wait until The Walking Dead Season 3 to see him take shape as a living human being. We recently caught up with Sex Machine Tom Savini, who revealed some interesting information about the casting of this important, though yet unseen, character.

But, AMC is going after a name, and that name is John Hawkes, seen in Deadwood and Winter's Bone.

As stated above Savini has been actively perusing the role by courting his long time friend and The Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero. Said Savini,"When am I going to be on The Walking Dead? I should be the governor on that damn thing! Listen, I have been campaigning to be the governor on that damn thing with Greg Nicotero for over a year. Everytime I see the graphic novel, and I see a picture of The Governor, who looks just like me, I send Greg a picture. I just won't give up. Last time I talked to him about it, when I was in Los Angeles, he said they were going after a name for that part. I said, 'Who?' He said John Hawkes." Sivini went on to say that he has heard that The Governor was actually based on him saying, "I've never heard it confirmed that it was based on me. I wish the writers and the producers would remember that if I was. Because I'm available, and I want to do it. Tell everyone to vote: Tom Savini for Governor on The Walking Dead!" There has been no word on if the producers are actually considering Sivini, but keep checking CBM for all the latest news on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead returns February 12, 2012 on AMC.

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